Friday, March 24, 2006

An interesting monograph

For the politics aficionados, here is an scholarly short monograph, which has just been released a couple weeks ago, about one of the most powerful political lobbies in the United States. You can download the unabridged 83 page version, complete with an impressive list of references, by clicking here. Enjoy!


Jallal said...

A friend of mine emailed me about it this morning: Le Monde ran an article yesterday about the essay, and about the controversy it –unsurprisingly- sparked in the US. (The link related to Le Monde’s article might get outdated after some time).

Thanks fot the link.

Karim said...

Here is also a review (in arabic) that has appeared on al-Jazeera's website.

Karim said...

An update can be found here, and a commentary by Jihad al Khazen from al-Hayat is here.